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By Kris Duncalfe

Area Sales Manager

Queensland & Northern Territory

At Merlin we want to help our key Dealers by creating leads and making sales easier to get. Our aim is to ensure that the end consumer has the most compelling reasons to buy a Merlin Automated Garage Door System! We also want the consumer to enjoy the experience of their purchase and to develop an ongoing relationship that will provide our Dealers with increasing sales now and in the future.

We have been out talking to Dealers to gain valuable feedback regarding our warranty and as a result after much consideration, we are excited to announce the market leading 7 (seven) year warranty on our Tiltmaster, SilentDrive and Whisper Drive products and an improved 5 (five) year warranty on PowerAce and Quiet Drive, effective immediately.

All consumers that register their warranty will be provided the new warranty statement until all instruction manuals are updated and run into stock.

The warranty terms and conditions will be available online from Monday 26th May and are also attached. 

The key points of the Chamberlain Limited Warranty are:

1  Period of cover is 7 years / 15k cycles or 5 years / 10k cycles, whichever occurs first;

2  Valid for the original purchaser only;

3  Must be installed by a Professional Dealer appointed or authorised by Chamberlain;

4  At a minimum, servicing is required in years 3 and 5 for the 7 year warranty and in year 3 for the 5 year warranty;

5  Remotes and accessories have a 12 month warranty;


6  Batteries and globes are not covered;

7  Warranty must be registered online and proof of purchase must be retained;

8  Travel costs outside capital cities are not covered and

9  A Merlin branded garage door opener purchased over the internet and installed by a person other than a Professional Dealer will not be covered by this Chamberlain Limited Warranty.

We will assess our warranty position again when we launch some exciting new products in the very near future to create greater differentiation in the market and maximise value for both you and your customers.

As you would expect we will honour the warranty terms for any consumers that have purchased a Merlin opener based on any previous warranty. Simply ask them to call customer service on 1800 638 234 so that we can record their information and provide them with written confirmation.

Furthermore, any outstanding quotes that reference previous warranties will be honoured if the product is installed by May 30th 2014.

A revamped Tasmanian garage door showroom is the first in the country to meet stringent new branding and service standards. Garage Door Solutions in Prospect recently opened a state-of-the art display centre that is the first to bear B&D Doors & Openers' distinctive new livery.

The opening was marked with an appearance by reality TV show The Block celebrities Brad and Dale, vintage cars, a radio broadcast, giveaways and a $3000 prize promotion. B&D has embarked on a strategy designed to improve and consolidate the presentation and performance standards of its dealer network.

B&D national sales manager John Fraser-Mifsud said that Garage Door Solutions' new showroom is the first example of the new approach."Garage Door Solutions and its new display centre is the first evidence of our new strategy and it's impressive. Anyone who experiences it can see we've set very high standards," Mr Fraser-Mifsud said."We've been working on this for over 12 months and one of the things we've identified is a need to ensure a coherent and consistent customer proposition. "The branding that will be followed is intended to make all our new Accredited Dealer Display Centres instantly and easily recognisable."By October B&D will have rolled out several more Accredited Dealerships."The buildings may be different sizes, but each one will have the same look and feel.

Whether a customer sees one in New South Wales, South Australia or Queensland, they'll know exactly which brand they're visiting and it will be obvious by the standards of the showroom that it's a specialty dealer. Customers of these dealerships can be assured to receive a consistent experience."As a B&D Accredited Dealer, Garage Door Solutions is certified via a regular testing regime to meet strict product knowledge and customer service standards."For a dealer to have the new branding, be B&D Accredited and have Accredited Installers, it has to meet minimum criteria," Mr Fraser-Mifsud said. "We have a rigorous test in place that regularly assesses the dealership's installation and product knowledge, customer service and its presentation."In return, B&D provides a high level of support with showroom design and marketing and promotional strategy.

Garage Door Solutions manager Paul Crisp said he was honoured that his new Display Centre was the first to bear B&D's new uniform branding."It's good to be recognised by our customers as a premiere dealership. We've always had good showrooms but this takes it to a whole new level. There's more of everything and it has a boutique feel that we think has an even deeper appeal for our female customers," said Mr Crisp. Garage Door Solutions was officially opened by Tasmanian Treasurer Peter Gutwein. Mr Crisp said the opening, which was promoted in local media, received an unexpectedly high turn-out. "We had LA FM broadcasting from the showroom and Brad and Dale from The Block attracted a good crowd. "A lot of people came to have a look at the celebrities and vintage cars.

We had more people inside than we expected and got a lot of leads and quotes to follow up, so a lot of solid business came out of it."Mr Crisp said that although his investment in the new Display Centre was significant he expected it will pay handsome returns. "You have to spend the money to make the money. You have to have an image that will reassure and attract customers and such an image doesn't come cheap. We've always handled our business that way and it's one of the reasons why we've been able to open and upgrade a second Display Centre."

All Merlin garage door opener products undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality and compliance to Australian and New Zealand standards. Our remotes are no exception. Only Genuine Merlin Accessories are tested on Merlin products and what customers may not realise, is that using a copy or replica remote on your Merlin automatic garage door opener will actually void the warranty and potentially damage your Merlin opener, costing you more in the long run.

Merlin is part of the world’s largest manufacturer of garage door openers, the Chamberlain Group, and the brand’s popularity with consumers has seen a flood of replica remotes entering the market from unauthorised suppliers. Merlin’s field technicians are often called out to jobs where the homeowner has reported a fault with their garage door opener, only to find that the owner had actually caused damage to the opener motor by using a copy remote and the door would not open. 

Using a copy remote, instead of a genuine Merlin remote will void the warranty which means that the home owner ends up paying to repair the damaged opener. We strongly recommend the use of Genuine Merlin Accessories (such as remote controls and transmitters) and urge our customers to recognise, and not to use, replica remote controls and transmitters.

Only Genuine Merlin Accessories have been tested to work with Merlin Garage Door Openers and Merlin can’t ensure the quality of replica remotes. For more information, or to order a genuine Merlin remote today, please call 1800 638 234

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Merlin has launched its new and improved OVERDRIVE (MRC950 EVO) roller door opener, which is specifically designed for heavy domestic and light commercial applications and is available at an affordable price.

Designed for lower cycle use, the product is ideal for owners of small to medium businesses, boasting the latest technology to ensure efficient operation, safety, security and energy efficiency.

Available for spring tensioned, light commercial rolling door types up to 25m², the Merlin Over Drive offers an array of key benefits including:

• Security+2.0 – Technology inside the transmitter is designed to communicate on multiple frequencies with the latest security+2.0 encrypted rolling code. The radio technology selects the strongest frequency every time, virtually eliminating interference from other devices while providing the highest level of security available.

• 75% Less Energy *– The advanced design uses less than 1 watt of electricity when in standby mode meeting the world’s toughest energy saving standards. * when compared to competitor products

• Quiet and Powerful Motor – The powerful and fast DC motor is quiet and built to last.

• Adaptive Technology – Automatic power adjustment and electronic mapping of the door means the silent drive adapts to the change in door spring and hinge operation that naturally occurs with varying weather conditions and age.

This technology means less maintenance and trouble free, reliable operation for years to come as the opener adapts to the door every time it is activated.

• Improved Transmitter Range – Tested in side by side comparisons* the Security+2.0 transmitters have up to 18% better range which means it is not only more reliable, you can also start opening the garage door sooner. *Comparison to major Australian & New Zealand brands

• Works even when the power is out – Optional Evercharge® Battery backup system ensures you can always open your garage door even when the power is out.

• Warranty – Product is backed by a 2 year/ 5000 cycle warranty.


The product also boasts the latest in safety features, including the Automatic Safety Reverse and Manual Release.